Original music by Scott Gendel

Original libretto by Diane Garton Edie


The storm begins! Cats and dogs (SC and AV*) run through a park and hide deep in a cave. Four adults find protection in the same cave. They are a quartet (S, M,T,B)) with different vocal gifts. As they get to know each other, Baritone feels left out and goes deeper into the cave. When he returns, all are surprised to see animals following him! The pets act out their story: each was abandoned by their owners. The storm increases and magically affects everyone: adults have super powers and the pets can speak! A magnetic meteorite shower begins and Baritone protects the others by absorbing the impact. This overloads him with power and he becomes crazed. He puts magnetic necklaces on the animals and leads them deeper into the cave, thinking he is helping them. The other adults see the pets are gone with their over-powered friend and promise to find them!


Super magnetism has turned Baritone into a bossy leader who believes the pets will be safe and happy if he makes them all act alike. He leaves for a moment and the other adults find the pets and cooperate to de-magnetize Baritone. They all return to the cave’s opening to discover a rainbow (AV). The storm is over, their super powers are gone but the park is filled with people who will take responsibility for the pets. The story ends with the quartet singing about the idea that diverse individuals can join forces to find success!


*S – soprano; M – mezzo; T – tenor; B – baritone, SC – student chorus; AV – adult volunteer





  • 2018/2019 commissioned story, libretto and score
  • A whimsical treatment of music-related super powers and thought-provoking themes of:
          1. diversity and harmony
          2. responsible pet ownership
          3. extreme weather
  • Children have roles of Abandoned Cats and Dogs
  • Four students have speaking roles
  • Adult volunteer plays a St. Bernard