The final week of tour is here!


Can you believe the 2022-2023 school tour of Barber of Seville is coming to an end?! In just a couple of weeks the cast will return to the office, unload the set, and return home. Now we read evaluations! Feedback from both students and teachers improves future programs and is shared with the grantors, friends, and donors that made Barber possible.


“I love that you are so passionate about sharing your love of performing. Coming to smaller schools, such as ours, is a real treat. Most students who attend here will never travel to see opera outside of school and these enriching activities expose them to what the world at large has to offer. Thank you so much for visiting our small school.” Amanda Daniels, Iroquois West teacher (Gilman, IL)


“Families and faculty members thought it was a good opportunity for students to experience a different style of music. Many families commented that it was refreshing to see something unique and different from the traditional elementary school concerts.” Heather Erdmann, St. Vincent de Paul music teacher (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) 

The following student evaluations are unedited:  

“The opera was great and the voices were elaborated. The costumes were related to the character which is great. The pianist did a tremendous job. I never knew about opera but now this has motivated me to want to sing more and train to also sing as a profession.” Tiwatope, Gr 6


“you guys all had it so that there was a lot action. So it wasn’t just like standing there and telling the story you you actually played scenes while you were singing…this changed my opinion on the impression of opera because I thought before that people just stand still and sing because I hadn’t watched any type of opera before. Though now I think that opera is pretty cool and I want to see more of it.” John, Gr 6


“When Figaro comes in with the small bike it was so cool and funny to wach i was lafing the hole entire time i thot it was rilly fun to wach i was amazed with Figaro he was hulereas.” Nora, Gr 4


“You guys did really good but FIGARO SLAYYYED” Lyric, Gr 5


“My favorite of the opera was when the choir sang in harmony.” Roman, Gr 4


“you guys did so great i would realy want to be one of you and you guys are my romodles” Cooper, Gr 3


Favorite part? “kidssingwiththeoperasingers” Arianna, Gr 2


We hope you enjoyed these responses as much as we did – these opera memories were made possible by your support! Thank you for your commitment to our mission! Your gifts make our school tour and these positive connections to opera and our talented teaching artists possible. Please consider an additional gift this season to support Barber of Seville final week on the road!  

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