Opera for the Young’s return to the gym heralds the return of live, in-person opera for our elementary audiences. Students perform with OFTY artists and feel the power of musical drama. Students watch from the audience and connect to Cinderella’s carefully adapted story, each word chosen to ensure students understand and relate to her tale. So much learning happens with OFTY’s teaching materials: through classroom activities and discussions, through learning the music with OFTY’s new tutorial videos, through creating artwork and working with professional singers onstage, through performing…


A worthy educational goal, right? Opera for the Young provides an introduction to opera for young people. Our adaptations highlight opera as a vehicle to connect music, art, social studies, language arts, science, and reading to the performance the students experience. But beyond that goal is our desire to spark a lifelong personal connection, a deep seated passion for the heightened expression available through musical storytelling. Delight and pride as classmates participate in telling a tale onstage. Awestruck faces as all feel the thrill of trained voices reaching their ears, touching their hearts, feeding their souls.



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