Black Lives Matter.


The terrible time that engulfs us requires we take great care – care to stay healthy and not infect others, and care to open our eyes and become better citizens who support and embody this meaningful truth: black lives matter.

We at Opera for the Young have a precious constituency: elementary school children. 75,000 each year. They represent the broad human rainbow of colors, beliefs, languages and lifestyles. It is imperative that we are sensitive to, and supportive of, that swath of young humanity by embracing them as performing colleagues and participating audience members. Music can wield powerful magic with children. We will endeavor to use that power carefully to be pertinent to children’s education as students and members of society.

Considering the most recent tragedy, it’s touching to reflect on very young children who embrace others who look different from them. They don’t care about that difference – they just care about a friend. Let them teach us.