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“Super Storm!” Fall Tour is a Success!

After an intense couple of years of creative energies swirling, our original opera, “Super Storm!” blew into schools this week! Our Fall Tour “hailed” to areas in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois.  OFTY has received positive feedback from audience members, students, and teachers:

“We have brought OFTY to our school for many years now, this was one of my favorites to work on!”- Amy Hiel, North Freedom Elementary School

“You guys have made the best play ever!”- student audience member, Windsor Elementary

“This class would like to thank you very much for coming and they want to know what the opera will be next year because it will be their turn to be in it!”- student chorister from East Elementary School

“You guys are magical!”- shouted during the performance by a kindergarten audience member

“I will remember this until the day I die.”- 4th grade chorister after the performance

We even made the news in Rockford, Illinois:

“Super Storm!” in Rockford, IL

Thanks to all who made our debut of “Super Storm!” a success!